Weekly Poll for August 24

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Hello Everyone,

Many of us are working and learning from home these days. We may have a different set of distractions preventing us from focusing on our tasks given the environment.

What are your biggest distractions?

  • Presence of other humans and/or pets
  • Email, social media, messages, phone calls
  • Food and/or Snacks
  • Chores
  • Other (endless possibilities) :smile:

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Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Other: audiobooks! I want to keep going but I have to put it down :frowning:


Most of my day-to-day work is longer project-type stuff, where I would ordinarily spend most of the day on a particular task.

My biggest distraction is turning out to be colleagues asking questions or having to jump on smaller tasks… really throws off my concentration.

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My phone is definitely my biggest distraction :sweat: