Weekly Poll for August 11

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Hello Everyone,

:memo: Note taking can help you retain and understand the material better.

While you are taking a course, are you taking notes using any of these methods:

  • App on-line (Evernote, Google Docs…)
  • Pen & Paper
  • No notes
  • Other

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Inspired by this topic: Making Notes

Feel free to share some unique ways for note taking.


If I end up taking notes on a particular subject, I usually do it with an HTML page.


A combination of analogue pen & paper, as well as an ever expanding cheatsheet of my own making which was started as part of the BYO Cheatsheet project…


I don’t usually take notes, but I do prefer to take them using pen/paper. Then if I want, I might put them on an HTML page.


I don’t really take notes, but I do remember heavily using Notes when taking the command line course.


Mixture of temporary notes on pen and paper with some longer, cleaner ones written into text files that get fired into dropbox/github or similar.


I usually use either OneNote or pen and paper. Pen and paper is just so fun for me, cause I can make my notes look exactly as I want them to and add cool details that make me remember stuff more easily :yum:


lol wonder what other would mean :female_detective:

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Idk maybe singing the information to yourself?
‘Whaaaaat is the syntax for for for creatingggggggg a looooop in python- on- on -on’


Let’s see, I needed a catch all for the unique ways people capture notes. :grin:

  • HTML
  • Drafting paper (from the inspiration topic)
  • Shorthand (from the inspiration topic)
  • singing :laughing:

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I’m old school I guess(?). I have those wide ruled notebooks and take notes, draw diagrams, etc… I have lots of notebooks. :slight_smile:

But, if I’m writing functions (python) or loops, etc. I use Google Colab and create examples there so I know my code works/runs.

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I usually just have Notepad open. If I work on an exercise and want to copy the code down for posterity, I just copy it into my clipboard and paste it into Notepad. Name the file something like “TripPlanner.py,” save in a folder, boom. Since I do these lessons on my laptop, it’s just the most convenient way for me.

That said, if I want to try running the code later, I’ve recently starting using Colab because of school (in fact the whole reason I’m on Codecademy to begin with is because it was required for my course :stuck_out_tongue:)

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