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Topic: Expectations as a Beginner

Let’s think why we all started to learn to code. Coding can take you to various career paths and you may have expected things to be different.

Is it meeting your expectations?

  • 1 - Not at all what I expected
  • 2 - Partially meeting expectations
  • 3 - Definitely meeting expectations
  • 4 - Exceeding my expectations

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What advice would you give yourself or someone just starting to learn to code?
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I have experience programming from ages ago, but then got pulled into lead roles, so I am sooo rusty. Still, this background helps me immensely.

That said, I remember how I struggled with things like SQL and Java objects way back when. For a totally new person, I’d say don’t worry if it sounds / feels like it’s completely alien. You are indeed learning to speak foreign languages, and they are even computer languages, so it’s definitely going to take some time to adapt your thinking to them.

If you like puzzles, are curious, and like studying languages, human or otherwise, I expect you’ll enjoy it and figure it out.

Most important advice: when you hit conceptual blocks, don’t spend more then 20-30 minutes trying to figure it out yourself. Google it. Reach out on the Codecademy forums or on the discord for advice. Don’t wait and suffer in silence and frustration: that kills the joy, and without joy learning suffers. Ask what other people have read outside of codecademy when they wanted to learn more.

Hang on, it only gets better and more interesting!


:+1: That is such great advice about reaching out and seeking help.

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