Weekly Poll #5 What do you code on?


So in previous codes we have looked at personality types, reading, why do you code and how much do you code. This week we are going to take a look at what do you code on? (Let the PC vs MAC debates begin!) opens can of worms This could get ugly folks! Enjoy! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :sunglasses: And yes, you may brag in the comments below on your favorite xD

  • I code on a Windows/PC computer/product!
  • I code on an Apple/Mac computer/product!
  • I code on a Linux software using a computer/product!
  • I code on Adele!....wait I mean A Dell!
  • I code on multiple different computer types! I am diversified!
  • I personally am still stuck in the 1980s with Floppy Disks and Punch Cards...
  • I code on a non-computer device like an I Phone or Android! (bless your heart)
  • I code using flashlights, invisible ink, a James Bond action figure, and a Morse Code for Dummies book.


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Oh no. I've read this topic before.

I use a MacBook Pro, and honestly, I love it. I will want a linux at some point because all the developers rave about them, but i'm really content. I like that I have terminal to run bash and my computer is Unix, so I do have a little bit of CLI. Though not all of the computers are created equally, they all can do different, amazing things. I think for programming, linux or even mac are preferable, but my dad wanted to use bash on his new windows yesterday to manipulate his raspberry pi, and it took him no time at all. Windows is the best for gaming, hands down. But for code, honestly any of them will do. I'm just content with what I have. If you like customization, linux or windows is the way to go, but i like the way my MacBook feels. :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, love this poll, and all of your answer choices are really funny.


Yeah so my true computer story....At work, I use a Linux software Dell computer with a windows keyboard and apple ripoff mouse xD. I have like all the worlds colliding in one machine :stuck_out_tongue: But at home I have used PC since I was born. The only place I have ever used a Mac was for audio/visual productions at my church for church services, live stream events, etc. Being so new to coding I really don't know what preferences are out there but I have heard already that Linux might as well be the "god" preference for coding. Have Windows? Get linux Have Mac? get linux Have a card board box? get linux.


Also what seems to be the case to me.
There are so many good things about it, but there are good things about other computers too. :slight_smile:


Well and the nice thing about Linux being an open source program is that you can have a Windows/Mac/Dell computer and just adapt your computer through various measures to have the Linux software installed on your computer and run for coding. I talked with Stetim94 about this when I had free time in setting up an ideal coding environment at home on my Windows PC with Linux etc. Unfortunately, I only partially finished it so its not quite ready xD.

Yeah, each computer company and their main computers have their strengths and weaknesses. Which is why you have such strong followers for PC and strong followers for Mac. Both are good computers just people have preferences. Which is why I thought this would be such a good poll ! :sunglasses: Now of course each have their sort-of specialties like Windows and Gaming as you mentioned. So sometimes your hobby, job, or field will decide what computer you should use for you haha


Apple. Apple Apple Apple. Apple Apple, Apple.

I am a 100% Apple User. Everything I use has to be Apple. even the "i" in the beginning of my online name! :grin:

I have used Windows for a few years, same with Linux. But I prefer to code on a Apple/Mac computer/product. I have tried coding on my iPhone, but it is a pain in the neck to do coding on a "non-computer device" when compared to a computer.

I have gamed on both, and honestly, I haven't actually noticed any major differences on which is better for gaming, as long as it's up to date, has a high graphics card, etc, generally it seems to do good for gaming. I also can't really pick a major leader for customization, although I find myself able to do more on my Mac than I was ever able to do on any of the various Windows stuff I owned.

@bibleman13 The poll options are hilarious :laughing: Although it's iPhone, not I Phone.

So... Who's the person who picked

I code using flashlights, invisible ink, a James Bond action figure, and a Morse Code for Dummies book.



Yes I know I would love to know too but I kept my poll anonymous by answer so I guess we will never know unless he or she reveals himself haha

And thanks! I figured a few jokes were too good to pass up on :stuck_out_tongue:


the graphics card is important. my dad was using an iMac to game with Arma and Steam and it just wasn't that great. He built a brand new Windows computer (bought all the parts and put them together) and the graphics are 500% better becuse of the video card.
I notice that Windows is better for gaming just becaues of the way that everything is set up. It's like programming, you can program on any OS, but if you're programming 24/7 and all you do is that, then use something by developers for developers, aka Linux.
This is just my opinion on it, but I get what you're saying.
It's nice to see another Apple user on here though.
(About customization though, Apple typically has very very little of that.)


Well, if you take an iMac and a Windows computer of the same date, the iMac will probably have the better screen resolution, something I've noticed from expearience. A good graphics card can make most computers work 90% better in my opinion.

I've even used IBM laptops that were older than me :cry: I got rid of them for an Acer, which worked "okay" for a little while. Ended up trading out for a Windows, then a Mac. The Mac was made in 2008, but I've managed to make it work a lot better than it normally would. Gotta give most of the credit to my dad though. Although I've flat out vowed that the next computer I get is going to be the best Apple computer in existance. :grinning:

Apple does typically like things to be done "their way", but I can work around it. My family are all Apple users as well, and we prefer to jailbreak our devices. Although now that the community "sold out" it is slightly a bit "infuriating". We have to do our own stuff to make it work our way.

And you can run Windows and Linux on a Mac.


I actually almost picked that option myself, then I saw someone else beat me to it :laughing:


I am waiting for someone to pick the Adele joke and that will be the best answer I could hope for haha No pressure of course just waiting.... :stuck_out_tongue:


This might be a long wait. :laughing:


True. It is possible to customize your Mac yourself, though!

I code on a MacBook Pro 2013 and I recently changed SSD, Memory etc.

With recent models, it hasn't been able to customize it yourself, since it's unibody etc.


haha : P like the adele joke :laughing: I use linux though :slight_smile:


well I am glad somebody thought it was funny xD I am still waiting for that someone to choose it though :stuck_out_tongue:


: D never used one for programming so... :smile:


I used one once but it died.


Yeah I have used a Dell monitor for a long time but its all Windows "bones" per say. But yeah I am gathering that not many use dells for coding xD


The Dell was my first computer.


Yep same! We had friends whose dad worked with Dell and their last name was Dell so we joked on them all the time haha. So we were set up with dell stuff and maintenance if we ever needed anything for it. But our first laptop was a Windows XP !!! when Windows 7 was brand spanking new. Those were exciting times haha