Weekend Reading - Top JavaScript Topics to Learn in 2017

Perhaps a little over many of our heads, I did find this article to be a good read with lots of useful references for us to follow up. Even if one is a lone wolf still tinkering with JS and jQuery, it is nonetheless a valuable guide to the future giving us lots of directions to turn as our skill level improves.

Top JavaScript Frameworks & Topic to Learn in 2017 by Eric Elliot


It’s a fantastic read. Thought it was going to be yet another long list of JS frameworks etc. but instead it’s a very well-thought out roadmap and one I’ve definitely bookmarked for future reference.

Thanks @mtf :slight_smile:

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And here’s another great read for you @mtf if you’ve not seen it yet:


Excellent! A very sensible read, written in a clear and fluid writing style that mirrors the subject matter. Thank you for this contribution, @mindful_coder.