Weekend Reading - The Future of Front End Web Development


What is the Future of Front End Web Development?
By Chris Coyer

I was asked to do a little session on this the other day. I'd say I'm underqualified to answer the question, as is any single person. If you really needed hard answers to this question, you'd probably look to aggregate data of survey results from lots of developers.


Read it top-bottom. Thanks for sharing Roy.


Thanks for that read @mtf. Really good to hear that HTML and CSS are still going to be a vital part of future web development. However, it is a shame jQuery is becoming obsolete, it's really fun to use and finallyjust started to get into it and use it on some of my own projects.

Also, how come I cannot like this post?


don't discard it just yet, of course you should adapt to new web technolgies but build on what you know/are comfortable with. Bottom-line is there had to be a HTML1 for there to be a HTML5


Very true friend, I like that point a lot. I just hope the replacement for jQuery has a similar syntax, really like writing jQuery at the moment.