[Week 4] Reflection and Recommendation

:grinning:Comment on this topic with your responses to prompts during your final week of the challenge. :memo:

Although I broke my streak because I want to understand C++ in depth from other source, my actual skill is really high in fundamentals, but suck in depth.

(I dont have to think anymore when I type functions, data types, and arrays/vectors, multi-file etc.)

It was great seeing that Codecademy had a 30-Day Challenge, so I signed up. It reminded me of similar challenges I’ve completed before (you can read about them here). I wanted the 30-Day Challenge to help me develop some good daily habits to stick with the 35-week long Data Science Career Path. I’ll definitely be doing additional rounds of the 30-Day Challenge as I progress through the Data Science course.

I’m on Day 24 of my first round of the 30-Day Challenge. I won’t achieve a 30-day streak & I’d be surprised if I ever did (I think the longest streak I had was maybe 4 or 5 days?) I’m happy enough to just keep moving forward in the Data Science course.

The Data Science course is divided into 26 sections and, so far, I’ve completed the first two sections covering SQL basics. I just started the third section on intermediate SQL. I’m currently working through the lesson on aggregate functions.

Hopefully, by my second or third round of the 30-Day Challenge, I’ll have a project or two to share. I also look forward to becoming more involved in the Codecademy forums!

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