[Week 2] Building the Habit

:grinning:Comment on this topic with your responses to prompts during your second week of the challenge. :memo:

I find returning to codecademy at the same time every day helps reinforce the habit. I log on in the evening, between 8 - 9 pm for every day that I can. I feel odd if I can’t do codecademy at this time and try to reorganise time with friends/family around it if possible, also I am super relaxed if I have a special reason to break my streak - always nice to have a treat! I usually never get more than a 9/10 day streak but then i come back to it the next day. No point sweating over something as flexible as this!


Ah, I love the measured approach! Sounds like you’re setting yourself up for a sustainable habit. Keep checking in with us; love hearing how this is going for everyone.

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