[Week 2] Building the Habit

:grinning:Comment on this topic with your responses to prompts during your second week of the challenge. :memo:

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I find returning to codecademy at the same time every day helps reinforce the habit. I log on in the evening, between 8 - 9 pm for every day that I can. I feel odd if I can’t do codecademy at this time and try to reorganise time with friends/family around it if possible, also I am super relaxed if I have a special reason to break my streak - always nice to have a treat! I usually never get more than a 9/10 day streak but then i come back to it the next day. No point sweating over something as flexible as this!


Ah, I love the measured approach! Sounds like you’re setting yourself up for a sustainable habit. Keep checking in with us; love hearing how this is going for everyone.


You should keep the habit by trying to code every day, and at the same time. The best time, in my opinion, is 1pm to 2pm.

I definitely tend to do the lessons later, at 9-10 pm.

I dont know if its the quarantine or an actual habbit but I practice everyday, I feel like I need to do it or I feel something is missing in my day. Havent missed a day since april 4th


Congrats! That is my goal as well! What are you learning right now?

I am on the Web Dev path currently at React components, what about you?

I am also doing the Web Dev path. Today marks exactly two weeks since I started, and I couldn’t have been happier. Just finished Intro to JS!

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Hello everybody. I started as well the 30 day challenge since the second day. I’am really good at creating a habit since a believe in the power of micro habit and I really know that in order to create a habit you should definitely set your own time and your own standard. For me is working about 2 hours with CodeAcademy and then switching during the day’s reading or watching different articles. My challenge is something else, I really enjoy learning how to code but in the end I don’t know if I have going to have a strong passion about coding, like riding a bicycle. Usually when I learn something new I kind of develop the habit during the way. I hope this coding journey goes well for me and for you as well. :pray:

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I’m on my second week in the Full Stack Engineering career path. Currently learning Javascript ES6.

For me, it’s been easy to keep up the routine so far. But then again, this isn’t my first time learning programming. While the exact language I’m learning now is new, the overall programming logic isn’t, so I’ve been moving along at a good pace. But based on past experience, if I get really stuck on a project, that could disrupt the routine. While I’m not there yet, it did happen before. So I ask: What’s a good way to keep the habit going if you’re not making progress?

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