[Week 1] Motivation

first day of 30 day challenge! Im Hunter :smiley:
i’m working on the full stack developer course! it all seems like so much fun!


It’s my first day in the 30 day challenge i hope to finish the build basic android apps with java path as soon as i can.

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Good Morning! I hope everyone is well. This is my first day doing the Data Analytics course and finding it really interesting. I’m hoping this course will help to enhance my career and knowledge of data in general. I tend to start new things with loads of motivation, and then it slowly deteriorates so if anyone has any tips to keep my motivation up in the medium term then I would be glad to hear them?!

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Hi from Brighton! I started learning on Codecademy one year ago, and now I want to get serious! Hoping that my 30 day challenge might seamlessly transition into a 100 day challenge. My goals are to complete the Full Stack Web Dev course (currently just over halfway through), and start learning Python or C++.

Today is day 3. I am still having imposter syndrome when trying to complete code and work on the html instructions.

Currently taking the lesson on learning to code tables. It is so much fun seeing it all come together.