[Week 1] Motivation

Your first paragraph really resonated with me. I’ve been fooling around with code (mostly web and scripting) for years and only recently started thinking about using programming for work. Before the pandemic it was sometimes difficult to find the time but now, I’ve realsed I’m using learning as a way of escaping the bleak reality while doing something worthwhile and optimistic.

I wondered why this week’s topic is Motivation - I’d guess we’ll all have mre than enough in week 1 and only later it will start to wane. After 2 days I’m over 10% in Data Science, probably further along in WebDev and I feel like I’m diving too deep a bit too fast and need to pace myself more, or risk burning out. The idea of accountability is great. If you (or anyone else for that matter) want to team up let me know what you’re working on in a private message, and let’s take it from there.

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Are you thinking of how to slow down the values? You definitely don’t want it to be ‘real time’ :wink: If that’s the case there’s a lot of good articles online on how to use setTimeout to slow down JS loops.

Once you get that covered, do you think you could try to simulate more of a “human logic”? Instead of going through cells one by one, start from one of the cells with most filled in values in it’s row/column/square and go from there?

I’ll rework it in the future. So, probably I’ll try to do it another way, since I’ve already done it with the same method using Python. Seems to be a lot harder to do…

Perhaps we should start a Discord server, or maybe there’s an existing one we could all join.

I’ve seen someone advertising their WhatsApp channel, so that’s that. For now I’ll probably stick to the forums here (don’t want to get yet another inbox to check :wink:

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I just started Codecademy this week and learning HTML. I really like the structure and have already learned so much within the first few days. Is it worth it to go Pro?

I ABSOLUTELY know what you mean, haha.

:grin: :grin: Excited to learn Lava Script here!

A pretty cool hybrid between JavaScript and Lava !

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Hi everyone. Just started week 1 of what will hopefully lead to a career change. My passion is neural networks, but I figure it would be easier to get a web developer job to start off and then do an online masters in that field. Thoughts? Thanks, Miguel

Hi everyone!
i am wanting to learn code: i am on day 3, on the concept of box model.

didnt think it would stick but the more instructions im given, its weird how i suddenly remember it.
i am hoping to become a junior web developer - my name is Laura.
my partner is a certified magento developer, and is very supportive of my choice.
he co-owns a company called Mdoq which is magento 2 based, its fab!
we work with java and markdown, i occassionally help out with the documentation stuff on Mdoq but im wanting to go futher with code.

good luck everyone!

hi fellow learners!!!11
This is my first week in codecademy, feeling awesome already I love coding.

Happy coding!!!

I found the prompts really useful the first time around. (Doing HTML, CSS and Javascript.)
But made the mistake of switching off the prompts, as I decided to do the Challenge again, so managed to break my streak. Now on the third iteration (!) with the prompts back on, I prefer them. I have also learned now that missing a day here and there does not matter if enough effective hours a week have been done already. :grinning:

Hi all, this is Amir. I’ve just started learning journey for coding with Code academy. I am in Week 1. In this week, I am going to explore how to work effectively with the code academy website and mobile app (Go) to be more productive. Also, I’ve started two learning paths, Web Development and Computer Science. I hope by the end of this week, I go one step closer to my goals.

I’m currently on day 2 of the 30 day coding challenge and I’m really enjoying it. I like these forums and enjoy viewing the videos that codecademy provides about the tech industry. Also grateful to read others experiences! :blush: