[Week 1] Motivation

:grinning:Please comment on this topic with your responses to prompts during your first week of the challenge. :memo:


Hello there,
been wanting to learn to code for years, finally on it and very excited about that


Hey :slight_smile:
I’m starting a new course on JavaScript - this time to improve my skills :stuck_out_tongue:


The easiest way to do it (in my opinion) is to gradually start doing it more and more(1 day, 2 days, 3 days).

Code is cool!

Hello There,
I’m starting Java and learning object-oriented programming. Hopefully I might change careers into computer programming.


Today is actually not my first day anymore I had started to code for 14 days continuously, but since I just joined, I think I will make it last until the 30th days of the challenge! hope there’s a skill that I can grab right by that time!!


Hi there, it is really exiting to start coding.
Proud to finish the Code Foundations path in 3 days. Recommend everyone :star_struck:.
Planning to continue on Data Science.
Cheers :partying_face:.


I have started to learn Asynchronous JavaScript . After completing this topic, I want to learn PYTHON


I’ve started to learn JavaScript and already did some projects on my own. The more interesting is probably this one : https://codepen.io/Dyrits/pen/mdebKgB
It’s a sudoku solver.
I’d like to know how to make it better. I’d like to display the solving in real time, but I don’t know how to do it.

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Hey, I started the 30 days of Code Challenge a day ago! I am excited. I would say I am a bit proficient in C++ but I would love to develop my skills in PYTHON !! After Python, I’d love to explore Java…

Hi, I’m coding for 15 days in a row here in Codecademy and really enjoy it. I’m in Web development path. I’d like to stay motivated and keep on track.


It will be fast for you if you already know a programming language.

New to coding, looking to make a serious change for myself and my family! Greatest challenge is motivation and focus. I’ve mostly worked jobs to survive and just get by, looking to rekindle my passion and do something more rewarding!

I learn and practice as often as my mind and body will allow. The lockdown here in Spain is so strict that it has afforded me the opportunity to study for some hours at a time. I’m also unable to work (due to the impact of COVID on immigration processing) so again, I am afforded the opportunity to learn.

Perhaps most relevantly, I live with M.S., thus my inspiration to pursue a coding career is very much linked to requiring flexibility to work how and when my body allows me, rather than to somebody else’s schedule.

I am really enjoying the platform thus far and invite anyone who needs an extra push to get in touch. Sometimes the biggest challenge to progress is not having someone to hold us accountable.


Looking forward to learning code while I have some time off from work due to COVID. For the last 3 weeks I have been on other learning sites. Some super easy while other were so advanced. I hope codecademy is some where in between.

Work in DevOps but am not a coder ironically :frowning:. Hoping to change that over the course of the next few months.

Hi, Felipe from Rio / Brazil. I’m hobbyist coder trying to get into Data Science knowledge and certification. Since this last 2 years I rarely was doing some code, so this challenge will be excellent to put me on track and with some luck get some work. Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:

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Hi, I’m Jack, and I’m learning Web Development. Hope I can get through this! :blush:

Been learning to code for a few weeks and absolutely love it. When i saw this challenge i could not resist joining it as an accountability tool and to connect with the wider community. I intend to check in regularly and keep an online log on my progress!