[Week 1, Day1]

Hi everyone!
I’m just starting off my 30-day challenge and my journey into learning Python. Does anyone have any tips they’d be willing to share?
Thanks in advance for all your insights.


Congrats on starting!

Well, it depends on what you’re learning style is. Would it help to take notes–handwritten or online?
Code a little bit every day and make sure you understand the concepts presented before moving on. If you get stuck, it’s okay to click on “get solution” but also make sure you understand the solution. It’s a marathon, not a sprint :slight_smile:
If you get really stuck, search the forums here or google. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so, know when to take a break. You’re learning a new language and it will take some time to be able to fully “speak” it.

Happy coding!

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Thanks for taking the time to reply, I definitely bare your advice in mind! :slight_smile:

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Take notes, and try to spend a while working a day, that’s my strategy, and also, be confident. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @script6798419867 I’ve got my little notebook armed and ready!

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I’m sure you’ll do great!

Hi @fionngray and @script6798419867
Should i know any tips for my challenge

Try to highlight things you find important, and keep notes on other important topics. Try to spend a bit of time every day for learning new stuff and studying. @ayaan753luck

Thanks @script6798419867
If you want
join my topic
Week 1 day 2

Hello everyone. I’m currently work and study night tuition (online), meanwhile I accidentally viewed this website three days ago and tested it (for free). I heard about Python years ago and think it’s hard to learn, but I think this website give simple and straightforward guide to learn. Cool stuff, so I just sign up for Pro version.

Stay hungry stay foolish, new thing to learn everyday :slight_smile:

Pay money, a good motivation to push you forward. Because you paid it already, you force yourself to learn. :joy:

I don’t like money being the solution, but I have to agree, that does really works well.

My simple tips for everyone here. just write down or copy/paste the review at the end of every lesson it will help you to remember everything that you have learned after one week or month.

Keep going! this is my first week too !!! :muscle: