Website that does not rely on another website for embed code

Hello all,

I am currently trying to get into creating a website and I would like to know how I can have my website let users upload photos/videos that are 360 degree or even the ability to convert panoramic photos to 360 degree photos. Again I dont want to rely on another website to do this for me I would like to figure out how to have my website be able to do this.

Any and all help would be appreciated.


Much could be said about your ambition, although you will be stepping into a huge undertaking that could take years to materialize, and still be buggy while nothing more than re-inventing the wheel. Not to make light of what you wish to do, we only need to look around and see that it has been done, and expertly, no less.

If you have buckets of cash, then buy a license and use their API on your website. Then let your users have at 'er and build popularity on their uploads. Will this be simple? Not on your life. We cannot just jump into this world without a host of expertise surrounding us.

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Despite what others may say @mtf is correct, This requires a high degree of problem-solving skills. This also requires a very high ability to translate your plans into code.

This is very true, Websites who have a team of developers that are much simpler take years to make

There’s a lot of problems, Here is one to figure out that has no relation to code: How will you store 360 photos. 5 minutes of 360 video at a trash bitrate of 20mbps is 0.7 gigabytes. Most Instagram videos are as low as 20-100megabytes. Figuring out a way to compress/store/deliver the content of said size in an efficient manner would be very hard.

What you could do that would have a greater chance of success is to build an API that someone like Facebook or Snapchat would want to buy. There are a lot of problems with the current technology. Although this would require Electrical Engineers and other industry professionals.

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