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Hi there,

I’m new in coding and just finished my first website. I’m a bit insecure about it and would much appreciate if someone could look at the design. It’s a Duch site for a sushi restaurant.
I have the feeling that the site looks a little bit childish, what do you think?

Don’t hold you back :wink:

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Below site is not on the client’s domain jet.


Your design has a few marks that indicate a new designer, but overall, looks ok.

You might want to considering reducing the height of your pages. In general, it takes a VERY long time to get from top to bottom. Especially in the case of restaurants, this design attribute may not be desirable: Most people will probably want to see all the information at once.

For the menu, perhaps a PDF embed instead of opening a new tab? Some browsers will download the file, which is a big no-no. Downloads make people uncomfortable. :slight_smile:

The same is true of the collection card but to a lesser extent. In that case, it might be best to change the link to “Download our Collection Card”. This helps, also, assuming the intent behind the collection card is for it to be printed.

The image carousel seems oddly out of place. It’s very large and doesn’t seem to belong between a menu and opening hours. You might consider replacing that top image (with the logo, which is far too large as well) with the image carousel, but leave the logo on top of the images as they scroll past

Because of the amount of information contained in both the opening hours and prices, it seems more logical to reduce the width of the two containers and place them next to each other. This will, probably, require you to adjust their colors to match, as well.

Great start! Best of luck.


Wow, thank you so much to take the time and give me such great advice. I really appreciate it. I will definitely make some changes you mentioned :grinning:
Thanks a lot!


izakarol82, here is my two cents…

  1. What is the first action you want the user to take? If all you care about is branding, then it works. Otherwise, the logo image takes up the entire above the fold area and I am not sure what I am suppose to do next. Also on mobile, the nav bar gets hidden so I think having a button below the logo like “Address” or “Contact” so people can easily find it is important. People have short attention spans.

  2. The site took 6 seconds to load on my end which is much too long. No more than 3 seconds is ideal. You can run the site through gtmetrix dot com and it will pull up a bunch of errors. It got an F grade in their test when I ran it.

Good luck!


Hi there, thanks for your feedback…You are right, maybe I can adjust the logo a bit, and add a hamburger menu in the mobile version. Gtmetrix is really good to test my site, thanks so much, I didn’t know about this site. I feel I’m getting somewhere :smile::smile:

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