Website problems in general

Hi. I already completed modules HTML / CSS , Javascript and JQuery . When I was halfway PHP , I started having problems with the site in general.

It seems that, in part, my progress had been erased. I still have the " badges " and points and all of my profile, but it tells me that I have no goal achieved ; the home page (where all courses are listed ) is not there anymore ; it’s really difficult to access the course i was on ( even from the mails of "congratulations " I can’t access , I get ERROR 404 ) .

I did nothing on my computer configuration and errors appear to me , i use the same browser and the same connection always .

I alreay tryed cleaning the cache, i logged out form “signing in with google” and signed in regularily… i don’t know what else to do…

Can yout please help me?

Thank you!!!

PS: beyond this drawback, thank you very much there this page to learn something so necessary for the future as programming .

There are a lot of changes happening with progress bars and the look and feel of the website. The PHP course is about to be retired, you can read about that and other changes here

This is the page that should give you a list of all the courses currently available:

Thank you very much. I’ll wait a couple of days for the next updates to be uploaded then.