Website Portfolio Project

Hi everybody here is my Personal Portfolio project I am pretty sure I have covered everything, I used JS to handle a larger version of the project photo’s, you can check this out by hovering over them. Also I used a media query handled by JS to size down the photo’s when viewing on a small screen. I have tried to pay particular attention to the accessibility aspect by using what I think are well contrasted colours, and the best way I could think of using semantic HTML. I have written a ‘technologies used’ section that I hope most people can understand even without knowing anything about the subject.
Anyway check it out. Its kinda strange in a way because sometimes web designers can be like artists in as much as sometimes we have personal styles. I come from a desktop publishing background really so I suppose for me things have to look neat and tidy to the viewer. But sometimes I look at websites that are more off the wall and think “I wished I could do that”. But to do it you have to be able to think it.


code repo