Website link issue? help!


hi...i have a site and my instagram link is not working... everything else works fine but the instagram link. would someone be willing to look at my code and tell me what the issue is? I've been scratching my head for hours now and can't seem to figure it out...


site is:


FIrstly love the site, looking really good.

In order to help you with that link you are going to have to paste some code here.


I think it has to do with the frames you're using. I didn't know developers still used frames.

Look, when browsing the links all work.

I don't remember how frames work exactly, but you might wanna try a target="_blank" on your links.

Edit: by the way, the Instagram link in the main nav isn't working, but neither are the links in the footer nav (facebook nor instagram work).


hmm.. that's very interesting..thanks.


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