Website formatting is messing up and showing not found errors. Help!

Website was working until I tried to change background color. It started showing a 400 bad request error. Changed color back, didn’t help. Can someone please explain what is happening? Is it codecademy or is it my site? This is the link. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey, can you find it in the “My Workspaces” section of your dashboard?

It’s near the bottom, after “My Latest Projects”

Yes, it’s in my workspaces.

Cool, open 'er up, click Share (top right) change it to Public, copy link and post it here.

Here’s the public link.

First, try moving your index.html and order.html files to the root folder of your workspace (the same folder as script.js and style.css)

I tried copy/pasting your index.html code into a new workspace, and it worked fine for me!

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That fixed it! Thanks so much!

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