Website Design System Skills Project - Links Visuals Positioning Floats Hovers

Hi all, I have completed the Website Design System project, It took me almost 3days to put this together ,not full-time anyway. I hope to improve and add responsiveness to it as I learn as I go.

Will appreciate your feedback on how I could have done this better.

Link to the actual website:

Also a link to my codes on GitHub:

Happy coding

Impressive work since you’re still a beginner, no worry when you code more you’ll understand & style it better. Trust me.

However, have you noticed your site overflow to the right? Well, you can feel free to check this property →

awwww, thank you. fixed the overflow now. I have also noticed the color box with various pallets has a white space towards the right, pls any feedback on how to remove that. Rgrds

You can position it relatively and add a left or right property.

I tried it yet not shifting at all. Thanks

The code should be as follow →

.color-box {
    position: relative;
    left: 2.5%;
    width: 100%;

Much appreciated, I have tried that and there is still white space to the right larger than left, so items not centered in the box. I even tried other codes which is not helping at all.

Try to have a look into this useful article →

Thank you so much, will look into fixing it. Rgrds

Hello Eugenegoh

I have upated the site now. Thanks so much for all help.