Website Design System review


Here’s my finished Website Design System project from the full-stack career-path:

github: GitHub - ryan1431/website-design-system
direct-github pages: Website Design System

Learned a ton doing this project, and would love to hear your feedback!
– project uses HTML & CSS only



Wow it looks great! I like how you can hover over the icon and get the various ways of coding (hex, rgb, hsl). Thank you for sharing Ryan, I can’t wait to look deeper into the coding involved in the hover elements!

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Thanks for your input & for taking the time to review this!

Just wanted to share my take on the Website Design System Challenge! I have been learning through Codecademy since October 2021 and I am enjoying learning through the various courses. Here is my Website Design System! I’ve learned so much creating this website.

Live Page

Github Code

Thanks for checking it out and happy coding :slight_smile:

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This looks so cool!!!

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I really like your live page!!! The scroll thing is awesome. Definately looking forward to seeing how you did that haha

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Thank you for your feedback Anjanique! It’s a small addition in css to make it scroll. If you don’t spot it, I’m happy to help.

I can’t wait to see & learn from your coding too :tada:

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Of course! I was actually unable to spot it, what could I look up to learn this magic trick?

Works for elements that are on the same page (like ‘back to top’)

Just add this to the bottom of your css:
html {
scroll-behavior: smooth;

Here’s more info about it on W3schools

There is also a way to slow down the scroll, but I couldn’t get it to work properly… research for another day.

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Awesome, I appreciate you!

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Hi Ryan,

I really like your website; great job! I also love the hover feature. Really nice design!

Warm regards always,

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