Website Design System project...need a little help

Not sure if I’m posting this in the right place…if not please let me know. On the project: “Website Design System”

Can someone put some fresh eyes on this? Not sure what I’m missing but one of my anchor tags is not working correctly and I can’t see what I did wrong. The 2 other “a” tags in my nav bar both work, but not the third one #styles. For some reason it does not send the page anywhere. I’m sure it has to be something simple. Can someone take a look and let me know what you see that keeps it from working?

It is working now I just retyped the id and href and it works now I’m not sure what the problem was because they look exactly the same. Should I delete this post or just leave it?

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Probably best to leave it. It may help someone like me, who gets stuck for 2 hours on something, only to ask for help and discover it’s a solution akin to “Oh, it’s 1+1, not 1-1!” Happens to me frequently.

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lol me too! A little typo somewhere will have me searching and googling my butt off trying to find out what I did wrong just to find i misspelled my class name or something like that.