Website Creation Help

I’m trying to build a website that basically publishes a program. I’m not sure exactly how to do this but my program is a recommendation system. I’m not sure how to exactly automatically generate each webpage. Do I have to manually write every single webpage? I’m really new to this field but I know HTML, CSS, JS, and Python. Given the things that I know, How would I quickly generate webpages that show the suggestion given the user’s preferences?

Feel free to respond if you don’t really understand what I’m trying to say. Thanks for reading and giving me suggestions!

Say you have 10 products that you’d like to recommend, based on some search criteria.

Sure you could create each product page manually, that’d be somewhat fine with only 10 products, but what if you had hundreds, or thousands?

So what we do is store the products in a database.

You’d also have to have one page, a template page, for the products that you want to display.
Essentially that page would have a product title, product image, product description, etc.

From the database, you’d populate this template page with the data associated to the desired product.

For example, if you went to
You’d know exactly which product this relates to in the database, and you’d just retrieve all the data and populate the template page.

The easiest way for you would be to look into Flask or Django, Python frameworks. They’ll take care of most of what you need. You’ll just need to set up your database the way you need it, create a template “recommendation” page, and then figure out how to match the user’s preferences to whatever it is you want to recommend.

Hope this is what you meant and, if yes, that it answers your question?

Yeah. Thanks. That really helps. You’ve answered my question. If I wanted to start off with Django, which online course should I take. I choose Django mainly because it has a larger community so I should get help easier. You definitely answered my question and made my project much easier.