Website advice?

I don’t really know where to put this, so I’ll go with here.

Any advice, comments, and critiques are more than welcomed.

Anything that appears weird or could be modified to be better, please let me know.

Thank you :))))))))))

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I thought this was asking for a “critique,” but I soon realized that this was entirely intentional. I’ll leave my comments since they prove your point.

Thoughts Prior to Watching Slideshow
"Don’t require a user to agree to a “terms and service” unless you believe you’re really providing something valuable that you need to protect, and your visitor won’t mind being bound by. Also consider providing these terms to your visitors.

As for the design, I can’t read what the button says. Gray text is a poor choice of font color especially with such a colorful background."

Thoughts Post to Watching Slideshow
Now that I’ve watched through your PSA, I understand haha. What i’d recommend to make it more engaging is to get more creative with the transitions. I’d speed them up and use a non-linear fade. You might even consider including your text in modal windows and having it pop in and out of view from different sides of the screen.

As for your message you seem to be portraying ToS wrongly. That is my opinion.


I agree that the message is slightly corrupted, and right now it’s mainly a template. I’m working out the design aspect, as it is a project for one of my classes.

Do you think the font would be better as a lighter color, or a darker one?

I do like the thought of creative transitions, and it wasn’t really one that I had thought of prior to you recommending so thank you for that.

Your critique is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Well, for that question I think we need to consider that you have two different designs, your slide-show, and the landing page at the end.

I’ll only address your landing page now, as it is least legible, and probably most important.

Info Page

Considering this page is a vibrant green, it’d be best to have a darker copy, though not too dark, and because you’re using such color in the page you should mix it with that color if you can. It will cause the reader less eye strain, especially with green.

You’ve already done so with your header elements, though quite the opposite with body text. Below I’ll be demonstrating adjustments to your <ul>, <h3>, and <p>. Please just use the below changes as a reference as to what to consider.

I first noticed your <ul> lists. They stand out the most, whether for the obvious lack of padding (padding is a significant spacing attribute), or the bold contrast with the background.

I’ll be changing this more later on, this is merely the order I made these changes in. First to add padding.

Your headers were just fine, good use of color as I suggested above, but you wanted them to look like the rest of the body copy? I disagree, keep them bold and green. See? They look much nicer!

Body Text
Lastly, the biggest problem, your text. It’s white on green. Follow with what you did with headers, keep it light and blend it in with the green, not too much however.

Finally to tie the page together just a bit, bringing some aesthetics to your <ul> sections. Give them a transparent dark background, and a top border for flair.


This has actually been really helpful.
I truly lack the advanced creativity and aesthetics gene.

If you tell me to get something done, I’ll get it done. It will look decent enough, but it won’t necessarily have the ideal aesthetics.

I thank you deeply for the critique :slight_smile:


Your Welcome! I strive to be “actually…really helpful” and nothing less! Haha, and don’t mention it.

All is not lost, creativity can’t be learned but design principles can; I’d be remiss in this area as well if it weren’t for my Typography & Design courses in college.