Webpage that I need access to is down, what to do?



I’m currently going through a lot of JavaScript courses. I stumbled upon a course where one part is “go to [insert webpage here]”, and that page seems to be down.

This is the course that I am talking about: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-javascript-transpilation/lessons/browser-compatibility-and-transpilation/exercises/can-i-use-ii?action=lesson_resume&course_redirect=introduction-to-javascript .

This feels weird, and is not good at all, since I don’t want to just do [run] and get the answers.

Anyone of “Higher power” that could look into that exercise and maybe change it / take it down for a bit until the other page seems “up” again?

(Didn’t find what category to post this in, so I post it in “Community”).


Is this the link?


es5? (97.88%) and es6? (78.99%)

Copy those two percentages to their respective variables.


Yes. Seems weird that it was down for a few hours BOTH of the days I checked, but it seems to be up now. :slight_smile: