Webpage on the right is blank


Lesson - Classes, IDs, and Divs
Exercise 2 - IDs: HTML

In the first exercise (Maintainable Code), I can see all of the webpages contents to the right. At the top of the webpage should be a picture of sandstone walls and below it should be a burgundy colored background with diamond symbols. But once I move on to the next exercise and beyond that, I cannot see the burgundy colored background portion of the webpage to my right. In later exercises, I cannot see the results of my coding because it is blank. All I can see is the diamond symbol. But I can see the text if I highlight the page with my mouse cursor.

I have tried refreshing the page, refreshing through ctrl+f5, and resetting the exercise, but it does not fix it.

Replace this line with your code.


please give us the code you are using....!!


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