Webpage is not responding

I have entered the correct code for this exercise: While Loops

But I cannot proceed, due to the webpage’s locking up and failing to respond. I also cannot access the direct thread for the lesson. It comes up with an ERR_FAILED page.

What do I do? How long will this take to fix? I tested my CSS course and it’s working just fine.

The correct link for the thread of the lesson is FAQ: Loops - The While Loop ( an extra / character removed)

Hard to know what to suggest as is not clear to me what is failing but it sounds like your while loop is running indefinitely and never finishing execution. Locking up the whole module.

Make sure your code is really finishing on the condition set or share the code here for us to provide more feedback. :wave:

Not unless the ‘Get Unstuck’ function gave me the code wrong as well. But now I have reset the exercise and still have problems with the page loading, regardless if I ran the code or not.

It also appears that your link to the thread worked. I do not understand why the link that Codeacademy offered in their ‘Get Unstuck’ section will not work. Did they fail to update it? This lesson is apparently riddled with bugs.

hmm My last suggestion is to maybe clear your cache and cookies for the site and login again. Seems something may be wrong with the learning environment. Are you able to access other past projects you completed and run them?

Agree on the bug with the link to the help thread. I just noticed the dual // when trying the URL. I just reported the bug on the link via the lesson report a bug module so hope is fixed soon.

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Look like learing the cache fixed it. Thank you!

Hopefully the link will be a quick and simple fix.

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