Webpage in browser and webpage on gitpages are different

Hi, really excited to be working on my personal portfolio project. I’ve been coding in visual studio and uploading - pushing to gitpages via git bash.

I’m going for a pegboard in the background which may or may not be attractive but at this point I just want to know why it’s not working.

If I open the HTML file from the folder on my computer, it looks like this:

but if I open the page via gitpages: Portfolio it’s like this:

Does anyone have any ideas why this is or where I should start in terms of troubleshooting?


Hi! I’m new here but it seems that github doesn’t find the background pic, right? maybe the source src in img is lost? you could post the link from the github to look in detail.

Hi @elenavr0793845546 Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

I had this problem for more than a day but when I revisited it today, without changing anything the problem had been resolved. Perhaps Github just takes a bit of time but I do find it strange. Anyway, I’ll just continue for now and see how it goes. I just have no idea what the problem could have been nor where to start looking for an answer.


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