Webdev: design spec resources

Hey all,

I am currently working om the tea cozy project in the webdevelopment path and I enjoy figuring things out but it also confronts me with the fact that I need / want to pratice my CSS / html skills more before further jumping into JS. Now I once saw someone share a website with alot of projects you can try to rebuild / mimic from scratch just like the Tea Cozy project. They were organized by difficulty and languages like HTML and CSS but also vanilla JS and different JS libraries. Does someone know which website I am talking about? I can’t find it back anywhere and I know I can just try to mimic any website, but I like how the projects to mimic were organized by language and I think also difficulty, but that I’m not entirely sure about.

Edit: I tried to post this in tips & resources, but it ended up here. I don’t know what went wrong but mods feel free to change its location if possible.