Web Servers

I have been told that there are free servers which I doubted because I just don’t see how nor have I seen any. But if any of you out there know of any server that I can either buy or get for free it would be much appreciated.


Your’e talking about hosting servers ?
I doubt that anyone would give a server for free, however companies offer shared hosting at a low cost.

Some companies offer free shared hosting but you get very little disk space, bandwidth and restricted access to control panel…


You can host your website for free in many company and as @zainabrawat said, there’s a very little disk space, bandwidth, etc. You have also a subdomain (it means that your website url will look like that: example.subdomain.com) from the company which host your server. To get a domain name, then you’ll have to buy a domain (example.com) but some can be very cheap like goDaddy’s. Here’s a list about some of them:

Anyways, you can search on the internet, there’s many of them. You can also choose to host with your own personal server (this means it’s completely free). However, you will have to do some setups with your machine and you can start running your own website. Of course, your server wouldn’t be as efficient as the ones provided by services because they won’t be running 24 hours/7 days.

Choose whichever service you prefer but I highly recommend hosting on cheap web host such as 1&1.:slight_smile:

Hope you’re having a great day!

If you just want to post a simple static webpage you can also use github pages

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  • GitHub Pages: I wrote a guide for that here, it’s great for having version control on your code so that even if you make a mistake you can undo it easily. It only does static webpages (with the exception of Jekyll; don’t worry about that), webpages that don’t use a database or do any server side processing.
  • Surge: Also static-only (but again, with the exception of Jekyll; still don’t worry about it), it works great. Surge will also let you compile your site from a Markdown file (like this), and has a bunch of advantages over GitHub Pages. I recommend starting here (although I only found out about them recently - GitHub Pages is what I used to recommend first, and they’re still good, but I like Surge better now :blush:)
  • Heroku: Good for dynamic websites - if your site uses a database, this is what you want :slight_smile: It feels a little like GitHub Pages for dynamic websites to me.