Web Server Basics


Hi everyone! I am new to Codeacademy and have just started some basic courses. I do have a pretty good understanding of websites and the Internet, as I work in SEO and have built a website using Wordpress (though I did require help with some setup and design, mainly CSS and PHP which is why I am here so I can do it myself in the future)!

However, I am looking to learn more about all of the stuff that goes into building the website and deploying it, mainly the basics of web servers, configuration, browsers / client side, hosting, DNS, domain name management, caching, HTTP/s, protocols, htaccess, robots.txt, FTP, and all of that type of stuff that goes into actually getting a site on the web, deploying, managing and maintaining it…

I have learned a lot via trial and error of running the website I put together on Wordpress, but would love a course or book that really goes into all of that, and I don’t see anything really like that on here…

Thank you!


Any recommendations??


Hi @codeblaster32875,

I don’t know of many specific resources for learning how to administer webservers, since most of what I’ve learned has been gleaned from a large number of places and personal experience, but this guide looks like it has some helpful stuff in it:

Also, the r/sysadmin subreddit often has helpful stuff come up here and there in the various discussions, but isn’t focused on webservers. The best thing to do is a lot of online searching to see how other people solve the issues you’re facing, and that’ll turn up resources from all over the place - Stack Overflow, personal blogs, company blogs, GitHub, etc.