Web Safe Font Preview: why won't text input work for font size?


I am unable to test the keyup handler for the font size text input because the text input field will not accept any changes. I cannot delete the placeholder text or type anything new in the edit field. I have tried in both Chrome and Edge. I tried adding a second text input box to the form and it too was nonfunctional. The text area for the sample text works fine. The font size input did not work from the start so it isn’t anything I added to the project. Just in case, though, I reset the project and confirmed it still does not work. What am I missing?

OK, I figured it out – you can’t replace or delete the placeholder, you just start typing. I need to work up to the course where I find out how to give the placeholder a different style so it can be ghosted to indicate it isn’t existing input-field contents.

Try an attribute selector and see if it can be styled.

input[placeholder] {
    color: #aaa;
    font-style: italic;