Web pages don't fit to screen?


Hello. I’m new to Codecademy. I’ve found some useful content that I’d like to share within my company but when I open web pages, supplied within the Codecademy newsletter, they do not appear to scale correctly. Additionally, there are no horizontal scroll bars. I’m at default zoom in my desktop browser and all other sites scale correctly. Please could you advise how I get these links to scale correctly in a desktop browser? I can’t share as is; the content will be disregarded as the inability to present the web page properly will be considered as a fail at the first gate…


Hey there! Looks like you’re using Internet Explorer. Have you tried Chrome or Firefox?


Thank you. Presents ok in Firefox. I should have tried that first but would be great if presentation were browser agnostic. Now I just need to explain to management types how to launch Firefox in order to get them to view a page that looks good; you can imagine that pain. Thanks for the help.


Haha yeah I can imagine. There’s a bunch of stuff on the web now that doesn’t perform super well with IE, but it’s still the default browser for a great proportion of the internet.

Good luck!