Web freeze (BUG, ERROR?)


Today I continue learning PYTHON but when I try to copy/paste (control+c/v) the page freezes. The worst of all is that I have to close the page and enter again.

The problem happend in all the page, not in a specific course. Please HELP!!!


So you copy-and-paste and then run the code before it freezes or just a copy-and-paste causes the freeze!?


When I press control+c for copy, the page freezes. So when I try to paste or just write something, I can't.


Okay, refresh page and right click to copy and paste.

Please ensure page is fully loaded before doing so. :slight_smile:


I don't now if somebody changed something but now works perfectly. Thanks anyways bayoishola20!!!


Okay! You're welcome.

I'm glad you got the issue resolved, anyway. :slight_smile:


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