Web for a psychotherapy form

So I wanted to faciliate my knowledge from Full stack course and decided to create the above web using React, Express,js, Node. Do you think it’s a good technology for this sort of web? Or is it consider a poor choice?
I want this to be a one page web. It consists of Header, Navigation, Image, Different section. constact form, map with location.
Now I want my contact form to work, so I need to connect it to express.js.

Also, I want to create a different path …/adminlogin … maybe with some different name, that only the client would know, where they could login and update one of the sections, i.e. staff section (add, edit, delete members). I am lost with how to do that. I need to use react router for this right? I used react router and express and it’s not working.

If anyone has any tips on how to pull it together