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Question is: Is it better to make your own platform by coding it, or using an already existing website builders? If anyone could evaluate prons and cons of each, it would be fantastic! Thank you!

The reason I am asking is the following:
I wanted to create my own platform. I learnt Flask and created a great platform using Python, HTML, CSS. Then I realized that for a page with an infinite scroll React is the way to go, so I learnt JS to be proficient at React. I did the infinite scroll page in React and the rest was left in Flask. Then I faced a problem of connecting them together, it turned out I needed to use one hot-end API to transfer data from SQLite to React from Flask server. Then I needed to retrieve data using promises in JS. Now, I am trying to learn animation techniques to add more dynamics to my platform. The main issue with this approach is that you always need to learn something similar, but still new in different fields and it takes time… It takes a lot of time…

Now, if I did not know any coding at the beginning, I would go for a web-builder, because I would not need to learn new coding frameworks. But because I did know coding before starting (I came from Data Science and decided to switch to Web Development) I spent a month learning new techniques and building the entire platform from scratch on my own and I just burned out. I am coming back into business after a month of vacation. And I feel that my approach was very inefficient.

Thank you for reading this long post until the very end. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. It would be also very cool if you could put your general professional field when replying - would be interesting how experts from different field approach the same question (it is by all means optional).


Depends, I think you should evaluate per project to determine the best fit

If you want a simple blog website or even a webshop, there a lot available CMS and e-commerce you could use

These CMS/e-commerce tools offer a wide range of functionality, but there is a limit to what they can do. At a certain point you will need to develop custom software. which is more expensive (because its time consuming, like you mentioned).

So I think the most important factors are: time (deadline), budget and functionality

using a CMS will very likely be faster (shorter development process), lower budget/cost but less functionality and flexibility

sometimes projects start with a CMS and as the project outgrows the CMS, the project gets re-written.

I don’t think there is one definitive answer to your question. Which is why people who gather requirements/functionality and then determine the right technology stack are also very important.


This is something that concerns me a lot too!

Thank you for asking. I’ll be waiting for answers from experts on the subject.

As for myself, I generally use CMSs as I’m still learning web development and I do think this is a very important topic to discuss for us web development passionate programmers.

Have a good day!