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my images are not appearing in the web browser after i put them in visual code

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If the images aren’t appearing, there could be several causes.

The easiest way to check for an issue loading your images is using your browser’s Dev Tools. If you press F12 on your keyboard, you’ll see a new pane appear in your browser. Find the “Network” option, and then refresh your Dasmoto page.

You want to watch for anything in that pane which comes back with a status of 404. Here’s a screenshot of the pane in Firefox (Chrome may look slightly different, but should provide the same info) showing some requests which have worked OK (status 200).

You want to look for entries where the status column shows 404, and then check if the “File” column has the name of one of your images. If so, it’s likely the path is wrong in the src attribute of your tag. :slight_smile:

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