Web development with Javascript

I’m very interesting about web development so I learn HTML and CSS. I would like to know if we can create a site web alone with any knowledges in Javascript and how. But i don’t want to use a service like Wix because I want to use CSS and HTML. Maybe I must learn Javascript but I don’t know if all Javascript’s syntax is useful to create the back-end of a website and i don’t think we can just learn Javascript for web development. Sorry if I did some mistakes because I am a beginner.
Thank you for your help and have a nice day.

Ps:My english isn’t very good

Hi @greenbee77

Do you mean without any knowledge of Javascript? Yes, you can build a website with HTML and CSS only. That would be a rather static website then. That means no CMS involved, no user input and submittance like forms for example.
Do you want to use a CMS like Wordpress? Then you will need to know some PHP as well if you want to provide your own theme with your custom CSS.

I’m not sure if I understand that correctly: Javascript is mainly used for web development (you can use it for backend development, too but it is mainly used for frontend development).

Thanks a lot @mirja_t for your help. My text wasn’t very clear but you understood.

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