Web Development Path


How long does it take to complete the web development path if you work on it 15 hours a week?


Everyone has their own clock but in general terms, 15 hours is about the time it would take to complete one unit’s lessons and quizzes, assuming you divide that time between coursework and reading, practice and review.

The projects can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to complete successfully, but the video is there to walk the learner through the project, so go to the last step and start the video in a new window, then pause while you attempt the steps yourself.

Challenges are where we get tested. There are vague instructions and we have to think on our feet, which means review and search, and referring to the documentation of the language for syntax and usage. They are where we really get to brush up and can spend a considerable amount of time working through them. Pay heed during the lessons and do adequate review and documentation reading while you’re in that phase so you are better prepared to think for one’s self when you get to these modules.

Bottom line, in 15 hours a week, the track could take months to complete. That’s to be expected for just about anybody. None of this is meant to be taken lightly, and expertise only comes from long term sustained learning effort. The more committed one is, the more smoothly this should all play out.


Not certain. At Harvard, CS50 (introduction to computer science and basics of software engineering) takes 14 weeks at 4-10 hours per week.


It depends how it takes you to do it. Every course with an approximate time on it. That could tell you some things.

I hope this helps =)