Web Development Path will Include Flexbox or CSS Grid?

Hello my friends … I had heard that codeacademy have Flexbox course but I don’t see it in the web development path? As I think Flexbox or CSS grid is a must for FEND developer!

I am taking it and now just week passed … Any recommendations to do to be a very good front-end web developer ??

Also, what is the different between this path and how to to build website skill?

The Web Development Path does cover Flexbox! It’s in chapter 4 Getting More Advanced with Design, you can find it under Layout with Flexbox

The main difference between Paths and courses is how specific the content is. Paths tend to be more comprehensive and often use lessons across multiple courses

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To add on to what @irlfede said, there is a specific CSS course which has a whole module on CSS grid; if you wanted to have more practise, etc.



Can you please advise which is best to be preferred and should focus more on it ?

CSS Grid or Flexbox?

From what I understand, they both have their own pros and cons and each is suited for different purposes.

CSS Grid seems more accurate when it comes to placement, were as Flexbox is better used to have items be auto sized according to content or available space.

Try looking at this link:

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Thanks for answering that & I will check this link immediately.

Thank You :slight_smile:

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