Web Development Path vs Learn CSS course


Hello everyone!

I have started using codeacademy a couple of days ago and since i am a beginner with very little coding background in HTML and CSS, i decided to choose the Web Development Path. My intention is to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL.

After completing the first two sections of the Web Development Path (Learn HTML, Styling a Website), i faced a dilemma. The 3rd section of the specific path takes me to “Getting started with JavaScript”, which sure sounds exiting. But i noticed that in the Learn CSS course, the second part is “The Box Model”, section that is the 5th part in the WDP.

My dilemma is, should i take the WDP path and learn a bit about JavaScript before i get to the more advanced “Box model” section of CSS, or continue all the way down to the CSS course and deal with JavaScript later. What would you guys consider the optimal learning approach?

Thank you for your answers.


IF you’re going to build function, using JavaScript and SQL, it’s also worth learning PHP.

Since HTML and CSS are primarily markup, I’d stick with those, get as in depth (and as comfortable) with them as you can, before moving into functional programming with JavaScript, PHP, and ultimately the use of SQL.


And i was wondering how php fits to all of this :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer. Also for me the logical approach is to complete the CSS course. But the Web Development Path made me thinking if learning the fundamentals of JavaScript early, had something vital to offer to the HMTL-CSS combo.