Web Development Path missing modules

Hello all,

I am currently working my way through the web development Path but and concerned that I am missing parts of the modules.

Currently, I have completed the HTML module which I finished during the free trial, now in pro; I have completed only half of the second module, skipped the third, and am now halfway through the 4th.

My question is, should I complete each module one at a time or should I be jumping through different parts of each module?
Is the course structured so that should be happening or have I found a bug with being bounced around different ones?

Any advice or solution to this would be welcome.


Hey @net6363050581, welcome to the forum!

I would imagine, if you’re following a “path” available as a Pro member, that Codecademy may have intended them to be completed sequentially. (That is, when you’ve completed an exercise the “Up Next” will be the next intended item, which I would presume to be within the same module until that module is complete.)

I’ll see if I can see the syllabus for that path without being Pro, and report back!

Thanks for you input, it was very helpful. :slight_smile: