Web Development Path, how to choose

I am a novice when it comes to coding. My friend showed me a path guide: https://i.redd.it/eykr38wc2kk01.png
and I am unclear on which one to take… following some random method, I figured I would go with Python. I was on track learning the Full Stack path (preset) but modified the Full Stack Path by removing Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and Ruby Authentication and adding Python and JQuery.

Can anyone tell me if:

  1. Is this a good outline to learn whats needed? I am hoping to have a new job within a few months.

  2. Does Codecademy offer pre-set paths with Python?

The path you’re showing there is good. You might want to add SQL as well.

I’d say jQuery has become optional, especially if you stick with React. Not bad to know, though.

Python you just need to learn. Then you’ll want to learn a framework (Django, Flash, web2py, etc).

Best of luck :+1:


Thanks ghostlovescore.

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