Web Development Path Completed!


After three long months I’ve finished the Web Development course here! It’s been a haul, but I my confidence with programming and Javascript is getting better everyday. It was a great overview and taught me the fundamentals.

My next step: tackle more courses and especially wrestling some projects. I feel like I really need to practice all I’ve learned and hone my skills actually building things, rather than doing guided exercises.

It takes critical thinking and a keen mind to be a developer. But, it’s my ultimate goal.


I would say you have a great shot. You’re already in the industry and that helps a lot. I bet you’ll become a Dev sooner than you think.

Make sure to check out Github Pages. It’s probably the best place to practice. And make sure to download Microsoft Visual Studio as it helps you remember a lot of simpler syntax and leads to fewer mistakes.

My website was made with Github Pages, Check it out! colelyonsmedia.com


Thanks for the tips!

I currently have Visual Studio Code installed and have used githubpages already actually. They’re awesome tools, I can’t agree more!