Web Development or Full-Stack Engineer career path?

I want to become a Full-Stack Web Developer so that i can create websites on my own and become a freelancer. So I took Web Development career path, but someday, I wanted to see more career paths, so I found 3 career paths that have captured my attention which are: Front-End Engineer, Back-End Engineer, and Full-Stack Engineer.
So i don’t know what to choose. Web Development or Full-Stack Engineer?
Any advice?

Hello, here is the news announcement about the new career paths: Changes to the Web Development Career Path, which includes some information about how it will impact your Web Development career path, along with details about why they did it.

Some summary points:

  • No longer offering Web Development career path for new learners
  • Learners already on that path can continue
  • Your progress will carry over

My advice would be to start on the Full-Stack Engineer path, as it offers everything the Web Development career path had and more. Since you’ll get credit for the lessons you’ve already taken, you won’t have to repeat anything that overlaps.

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I actually came to forums to ask the same exact question. I’ve been going down the Web Dev path for the past year or so and I was wondering the same thing when the CA launched the Full Stack option.

I’m going to ditch the WebDev path and switch to Full Stack simply because when I started my new job working on a corporate website, I found myself leaving Codeacademy and learning how to use Git and JavaScript more than I was slogging around on Codeacademy trying to get through HTML and CSS concepts that I already mastered.

Looking at the new Full Stack Engineer Path, it starts you off with JavaScript and surprise, surprise… Git. If there was ever a tangible reason to switch, that would be it. Also, it imports a bunch of the stuff you learned from Web Development Path so you don’t have to relearn the same stuff.


Thanks. That’s all what I needed to know :grinning: .