Web Development - How to time language-learning right


It’s been around three weeks since I joined Codecademy. I did the ‘Code Foundations’ course and finished it in about 5 days. After that, I decided that I was going to steer towards the web development career path.
(FYI, my coding and programming knowledge before joining Codecademy equals zero).

I chose web development because it looked like where someone with zero skills at this world would start - also it being a growing field with, apparently, a huge demand.

However, as I’m almost halfway through the ‘Learn HTML’ course, I’ve been wondering a lot whether should I take the CSS an JS courses while I’m still learning HTML.
Since these three languages are basically the foundations of web development, I always knew from the start that I would have to learn them. But I really don’t know when to start to learn these other two languages.

Should I start CSS in parallel with HTML and leave JS for later? Or should I just finish HTML and then go to CSS and JavaScript?

Wondering if you guys could help me out…
Cheers! =)

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Personally, I would finish them in order. HTML, then CSS, then JavaScript. The Front-End Engineer Path (also currently taking) lays it out that way too.

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Hey, I’d recommend doing them in order, HTML, CSS and then JavaScript

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