Hello there!

Need some help here. I went through the article step by step but when trying to viewing the website , I got a Page Not Found 404 Error.
What am I missing?
Thanks a lot for your help.



Can you share the web page link? You might have to just wait for a few minutes

[Site not found · GitHub Pages] (https://fabiopinelli.github.com/)

thanks for your help

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Can you share your repository?

Hello Fabio.

I had the same problem recently with Github and it was because I didn’t set up the source as the main branch in the settings.

However, today I tried to create a new repository setting up the source correctly but the Error 404 appeared. It was strange… I tried to copy and paste my code instead of loading the files. Same Error page, but it worked after a few minutes. :thinking:

2209fabio/ fabiopinelli.github.com

Apparently you forgot to write the HTML Doctype Declaration at the top of your document. It tells the browser what document type to expect.

<!DOCTYPE html>

For further information, check this page: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_doctype.asp

Yes, I forgot it. I added it but still no way to view the page…

The index.html file I created should be linked to the main branch … I guess…
So, don’t know what to do… :-/

I have the same problem with other index.html files.
So basically I am missing some key concepts: how do you display your page (I mean the uploaded or created index.html file) in the browser?

You click on your repository, go to settings, scroll to the bottom, and you should see something like this:image

Where is says Branch: master, it might say Branch: none for you. Click on it, and select main. Then wait a minute, and reload, and it should say that it has been deployed and it will provide you with the link of your web page

It says my default branch is main…

I cannot even find the setting under my repository name…

You have to click on your repository, and then you’ll find the settings tab