Web Development Foundations: Wine Festival Schedule

Hello all,
thank you for the past correspondence to my questions. I have a question about special characters here on this page: https://www.codecademy.com/journeys/full-stack-engineer/paths/fscj-22-web-development-foundations/tracks/fscj-22-fundamentals-of-html/modules/wdcp-22-learn-html-tables-6d939404-9baa-4c0a-b70b-229635097539/projects/html-wine-festival-schedule. I need to know how and why special characters must be escaped. I was beginning step #10 when i stumbled upon this question.

In html and xml there are syntax characters like:


That you don’t want to interfere with the markup and should be written as such:




This question has come up before on the forums. You can find it via :mag:

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