Web development foundations I

Guys check out my protfolio challenge project on making a website design system and tell me where i can make changes to make the webpage look better. open the jpeg picture below

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Hi! You can add “whitespace” adding padding property to the sections.

Thanks for the insight i had’nt thought of that.

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I checked out your portfolio challenge project and I have to say, it looks pretty good so far! I like the color scheme and the layout of the page, it’s clean and easy to navigate. One suggestion I have is to add some more visual elements to the page, like some graphics or images, to make it more visually appealing. Also, make sure to optimize the page for mobile devices, since a lot of people browse the web on their phones these days. Overall, great job and keep up the good work! And if you need any more tips or advice on web development, be sure to check out Web Design Corona | ROI Strategic Marketing | Site Experts for some helpful resources.

Thanks a lot. it means a lot. thats the encouragement i need especially starting on codecademy from zero background on computing. As for the project i’ve since learnt how to make it responsive to all devices and others CSS responsive concepts like flexbox and grid. Thanks