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Hello there,

I would appreciate some help on #13. <p NYFW is what i put and i’m stuck on what i should do for the <a / tag.


<p> is the beginning of your paragraph tag and `<a   />` is used for links.

so mine looks like this:
<p><a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_Fashion_Week" target="_blank">

and the paragraph tag would end at the end of the paragraph. Hope this helps!

Right but we still can’t get the actual link to work on the site.

Can you provide the code, and include it in “preformatted text”, it is the button that looks like </> . It is the best way to provide code. In your first message, it actually created the link in your post.

You may not have closed your <p tag, with > before the <a . If you provide the code we can see.

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<p NYFW this is what i put and the screen to the right won't show the NYFW to be blue

You may be missing > after <p

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