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In this link i take you to Number 14 where the taskbegins with a

element and i think continues with an id=‘contact’ attribute. I don’t yet understand what it’s asking for and could use some clarification.

We’re asked to insert a new division (<div></div>) and to give it the ID attribute you described above. Where does the attribute get inserted?

The next part of the instruction is to create a child paragraph inside the division:


The content of the paragraph is provided.

Yeah I had it work when its inserted in the


It actually doesn’t work when it’s in the

tag, although it lights up only in the

Can you edit your post and set the formatting, please?

Use a backtick before and after the HTML tag(s) you want us to see.

 **tick** <div id='Isa'> **tick**

<p> email: [email protected] | phone: 917-555-1098 | address: 371 284th St, New York, NY, 10001 </p> </div>  
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What happened to the <strong></strong> tags?

That’s for #15 which i havent gotten to. It shouldnt be a problem

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